You'll Have A Colorful Day With Crayola Experience Orlando

A few weeks back, my kids and I had the joy of being able to go to the Crayola Experience in Orlando. I've had the desire to take the kids there for a while, but just never got around to it. However, every time we were inside the Florida Mall, Miss Quirky would ask "When can we go to the crayon factory?". How awesome for us that we were invited to check it out!

You'll Have A Colorful Day With Crayola Experience Orlando

You'll Have A Colorful Day With Crayola Experience Orlando
You'll Have A Colorful Day With Crayola Experience OrlandoFirst off, let me just say, WOW! The colorful atmosphere is kind of incredible. If you know me personally, you know I'm not into tons of colors. Literally, my wardrobe is 95% black or grey with a few splashes of other colors. But I do have a soft spot in my heart for art, and boy is Crayola Experience a work of art! As soon as you go upstairs, you want to just run around and find something amazing to play with. For us, that was the model clay area.

Miss Spunky has a newfound obsession with playdoh and model clay, so this was kind of perfect. We
sat down at tables that had some cut out tools and there was a wall of vending machines with model clay in them!! The girls loved being able to go pick out their colors and have at it.

With 26 different activities to participate in, you can't get bored here! We played with the clay, Scribble Square, Drip Art, Paint Palette, and Miss Spunky played in Toddler town. They really had a blast and Miss Quirky and I really enjoyed learning about the history of Crayola (we're nerds like that). I think the best part for us, though, was making our own crayons and putting special names and symbols on the

You'll Have A Colorful Day With Crayola Experience OrlandoFor children that have Sensory Processing Disorder, this place could possibly be a sensory overload if you go during a busy time. However, if you have the ability to go on a weekday, you will definitely enjoy some quiet down time. There was a point in our visit when we realized that we were the only people in the entire section we were in. It was kind of awesome. My family and I will definitely be going here on a regular basis, and I hope that you do, too!

To help you with that, I have a discount code for you!! If you head to this link and use the code "GINGER", you can get your tickets for $16.99 a person (under 3 is free)! So go check them out and I promise you won't be disappointed! Also.. Stay tuned for a giveaway for some tickets to the Crayola Experience Orlando!

One Year Blogiversary

So I have really been slacking with writing. I can't seem to organize my thoughts and feelings long enough to turn them into legible words for you to read, and then manage to get onto my laptop to type them out. It's been a crazy hectic couple of months and it's not really going to stop until....I have no end in sight. So that's where I'm at right now.

One Year Blogiversary with A Geeky Ginger

Despite all of that, I am excited that this month marks my one year for this blog! While I haven't invested a ton of time into writing here, I do invest a lot of time into my social media and interacting with you! I truly appreciate the love, support, encouragement, and connection that I experience with all of you through my social media accounts.

The ability to share my happy moments or struggling moments and have immediate responses, reminding me that I'm still doing alright--- it's pretty amazing. I hope that I am able to give you encouragement when needed.

I hope that, sometimes, you come onto Instagram and see a post I've made about a breakthrough with Miss Spunky's speech, and have a sense of hope for your speech-delayed little one.

I hope that when I post photos about me finally being content with the body that motherhood has given me and how I'm practicing self-love, that it will remind you to love your body and treat your self to some "you" time.

I hope that when you see the struggles my kids and I go through with doctors, dentists, random passerby's, etc., that you are comforted in knowing that you are not alone. There are others fighting that good fight. There are others that understand your heartbreak and fears, and are working just as hard as you to change things for your special kids, as you are.

I hope that when you see photos of me babywearing/toddlerwearing, it lets you know that you can do it and how beneficial it is.

I hope that when you see photos of me breastfeeding my 2.5 year old in public, it helps strengthen your resolve to participate in that normalcy with no shame.

I hope that when I post an amusing (although annoying at the time) incident with one of my kids and their meltdowns/quirks/strange encounters, that you can have a laugh, too.

I hope that when I post about my awkward encounters, you can have a laugh at me.

I hope all of these things, because this is why I'm here. This is why I started writing. This is why I post and comment and share and seek out all of you--Because it is nice to know we are not alone.

For all of these things, and all that you do, I am doing a giveaway! On Sunday I will be starting a giveaway that runs to the end of the month. A big giveaway with awesome prizes from some pretty FANTASTIC companies that I work with. I seriously can't wait for you to see everything!! Be sure to follow on Instagram, as that's where I'll be having the giveaway.

Stay tuned & be well.

One Year Blogiversary with A Geeky Ginger