Is This Baby Carrier Sensory-Friendly?

As I've written about before, my kids and I have Sensory Processing Disorder. It's something that I have learned how to deal with through my lifetime, but there are certain textures that I just cannot have touching my hands. My kids have issues with certain fabrics, as well.

In my babywearing years, and all the shopping around I've done, I have come across a problem. A very serious problem. If I am shopping online, I cannot feel the carriers that I am considering purchasing!

Yes, I could go to a babywearing meeting where they have a lending library and test out what they have. But the problem there, is that those carriers are broken in. When I buy a new one, what is it going to feel like? Will I be able to wrap immediately? Can I handle the padding of this SSC rubbing on bare shoulders? These are important questions for me. They're not on everyone's minds...but they have to be one someone's mind besides mine, right?

So that leads me to a new series of posts and reviews I'm going to do on baby carriers! I have many in my collection, so I will be doing posts on these first. But I also regularly try out lenders or travelers, and I'd like to share with y'all how wonderful (or not so wonderful) they can be for those on the SPD spectrum!

Tomorrow will be my first post, featuring one of my all-time favorite companies, Wrapsody Baby. I will discuss the Breeze wraps they have.

I'll let ya in on a secret.....they're not always my favorite wraps (despite my adoration of Wrapsody).

Stop by again to find out why...

-A Geeky Ginger-

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