Is It Sensory-Friendly: Kindercarry's Kinderpack

I've written other posts about Sensory-Friendly Carriers, but they have been about wraps. I honestly thought those were the only types of carriers that I would need to bring up, because what sort of sensory problems could you find with, say, a buckle carrier (or soft structured carrier)?

WELL let me tell you-- there are definite problems.

Is It Sensory-Friendly: Kindercarry's Kinderpack

Over the past year, I have had the chance to try out many different brands of SSC's (soft structured carriers) and, as a general rule, you're looking at the same type of design. A panel of some sort, shoulder pads, some buckles.. Pretty simple. But I tried out different companies/brands and different fabrics. My conclusion after trying them out (Kinderpack, Lillebaby, Tula, Natigo, & LennyLamb) is that, yes, you can come across some sensory issues.

Now, I don't want to sit here bashing any companies for their design choices. I respect them and I know many people who love their carriers--and that is great! This post is strictly going to discuss how Sensory-Friendly the Kinderpack is.

Is It Sensory-Friendly: Kindercarry's KinderpackBeautiful Stability

First off, I want to talk about these shoulder straps. Oh. My. Goodness. Do I love these straps! I don't know about you, but I do not like having fabrics rub against me constantly. So a shoulder strap that can't stay in place is not my friend.
I have tested out some carriers, whether be SSC's or Asian-Styled carriers, and the width of the straps on my shoulders was terrible! The were wide or bulky and they would dig into my neck or slide off my shoulder.

These straps stay, though! Not only that, but they are comfy, soft, and floppy (aka no "breaking in). They aren't too wide and can fit nicely on even a petite person's shoulders! They also can cross on your back, rather than be the "H" style. How awesome is that?! This makes them stay in place and distribute the weight of your child very well, especially if they have fallen asleep. It's fantastic.

Easy Livin'

Next, these strap adjusters (or PFA's as they are often called) are absolute perfection. They glide like buttah', yet stay in place when you need them to. I cannot even tell you how many times I was sitting on my couch, watching a movie, just trying to "break in" the strap adjusters on some of my other SSC's! That should not be a thing, guys. I don't enjoy touching fabrics and having to put all this work into pulling on a strap was always a bothersome thing. That alone turned me away from buckle carriers for a long time! However, the Kinderpack's adjusters need no help in this area. Straight out of the package, these straps are ready for use!

Is It Sensory-Friendly: Kindercarry's Kinderpack
The last thing I'd like to talk about is the mesh on the Kinderpack. If you've tried carriers with mesh panels before, you know how amazing it is to have them (especially in Florida)! It's kind of a necessity if you are a Disney goer, too. But some of the mesh on carriers can be so overwhelming to touch. It is scratchy and thick and awful. One carrier I tried had mesh on the inside of the shoulders! So every time I pulled the shoulder straps over my arms, it felt like sandpaper. I kind of wanted to shrivel up from that. The mesh on these Kinderpacks are so lovely, though. Seriously. I am not huge into mesh anything, and I would sleep with a Kinderpack mesh blanket squished on my face. I can't say enough how amazing this material is.

Sweet Sensory Enjoyment

Bottom line -- Kindercarry's Kinderpack is a Sensory-Friendly APPROVED carrier! I am truly thankful to have finally found a company with a buckle carrier that I could tolerate 100%. On top of that, they run their carrier sizing pretty large, so those who wish to carry for longer can do so! If you're interested in checking these carriers out, head on over to their site and use my code to get a discount "AMBLM17".  You won't regret getting one of these!

Have you tried a Kinderpack? What was your favorite thing? Leave it in the comments!

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