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Monday, May 30, 2016

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...before motherhood.. I was just a ginger. (Okay, so it wasn't that long ago. And this photo isn't from before motherhood. But still. You get the point.)

I am A Geeky Ginger. Or you can call me Gingey-ginge. Or "hey..you". Whatever fits your fancy at the moment. I am a wife to a pretty decent man, who we will refer to as 'That Husband Guy'. I'm also a mother to two wonderful girls, whom I adore on most days. They are Miss Quirky (8) and Miss Spunky (19 months). These people are my world. Literally. I have very few friends. So most of my conversations are with the children or talking to my TV.

We are a very close family, and we live an 'attachment parenting' kind of lifestyle. I breastfeed, babywear, cloth diaper (on the good days), homeschool, and homebirth. My husband is awesome and is supportive and helps with everything that he can. My family is filled with aspie's (asperger's) and we live a very unique life because of it. 

Because of the aspie's we are, or maybe because we're so stinkin' cool, we are a bunch of geeks. Star Trek, Doctor Who, Anime, Sherlock, Marvel & DC... You get the idea. If it's geeky, we probably like it! In fact, I just attended a local geek convention (Megacon) today. We also geek out on Disney. Big time. You'll see a lot of that on my Instagram account. 

I am not a professional writer in any way. I just like to write sometimes. It helps clear the mind. I also am a huge advocate for breastfeeding, babywearing, mental health awareness, Autism spectrum acceptance, and many other things that I can't think of because it's 12:41am. But I wanted a place that I could talk about these things and maybe have an amusing moment or five in my daily life that I could share with whomever may read this. So here we are. It's beginning...

Follow along.

---A Geeky Ginger---


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