Why I Don't Do Summer

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It's June 1st and if you're in Florida, you know we're already experiencing horrendous heat. So, I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about why we just don't do summer.

As I've mentioned previously, I am an aspie. This means I have Asperger's Syndrome. Or, more commonly named now, "Autism Spectrum Disorder". But I'll call it being an aspie.

Along with that, I have Sensory Processing Disorder. My children have all the same "issues". When summer rolls around and everyone else is outdoors, enjoying sun and water and sand...we are indoors. A lot. This is usually when we catch up on movies and TV shows that we have previously watched 392 times.


Simply put, we don't do summer. The sun is too bright. The hot is too hot. The water is too wet. The sand is too sandy. We literally can't keep our eyes open in the bright sunlight. As you can imagine, my 19 month old isn't huge into wearing sunglasses, so she just gets grumpy. As for the heat, it is definitely too hot. Now, I can't tell you exactly what it does to my toddler, but it gives me and Miss Quirky horrible headaches. Like, we need to go home in a dark room and sleep for 3 hours kind of headaches. Just can't do it. The wet and sandy-ness is pretty simple. Sensory issues. Just can't handle that. It's a sensory overload that requires much lotion and snuggles in a big fluffy blanket.

Unfortunately, the summer is when everyone else is out doing things. Kids are out of school. Parents are setting up playdates. People are hitting up the beach. We are not. I've noticed that I tend to lose friendships over the summer. Or I just have people mad at me for being a hermit crab. I genuinely am not trying to be this way, it's just how it is. Now, if you want to sit inside my house with some pizza and binge watch Doctor Who....you come right over. But going to a splash pad? Probably not.

 Despite the difficulties, Miss Quirky really does love going and doing everything everyone else does. I did, too, as a child. I mean, I do now, but I can outweigh my discomforts before we leave the house and commit ourselves to socialization. The funny thing to me is that I have had friends who, with a good heart, take Miss Quirky with them on their outings. They see her having fun at the beach, so they think "See? She loves it". Yes. She does. But I see the things she doesn't let others see. I also see the moments that immediately follow the joy and laughter.

In this photo, she is laughing and having fun. But you see how her hands are? This was moments before a hand-flapping meltdown. She genuinely cannot stand to have wet clothing on her. I mean really, really, can't handle it. She laughed here, because she had been trying to avoid the water. But then it got her. So that laughter quickly turned into "Mommy! My dress is wet!!!". Then we had to walk through sand. Know how that sand gets all stuck to your feet and you just don't even worry about it? Well, she worries about it. I worry about it. It's really not fun for us. In her attempts to stop the sand from sticking to her dress, she picked up her dress and made sure it wasn't dragging. But then her hands were wet and sticky. And her feet were sandy. And now her hair is in her face because of the wind, but she can't touch it because she'll drop her dress. And then that will get sandy. And...........you get the point. It's a mess of a situation. After this split moment of happiness, we then had a good 40 minutes of crying and having to drive home in just her underwear, since she didn't have a change of clothes. Then she got home, curled up in a blanket, and spent the rest of the day with Netflix.

So, when I say we "don't do summer", or that "we're having a day", or "it's too hot out", please remember this. There are legitimate issues going on. We are indoors for a reason.

---A Geeky Ginger---


  1. You should come to the UK. We don't get the heat or the sun so it's rarely hot enough to go to the beach! It must be tough living somewhere so hot where the beach is just naturally part of life.

    1. I would love that! Unfortunately, I am here lol. In Florida. I enjoy some aspects of the south, but as a general rule, I despise being a Floridian.


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