Is This Baby Carrier Sensory-Friendly?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

As a family who deals with Sensory Processing Disorder, we are very specific regarding the textures we associate ourselves with. It's something that I have learned how to cope with through my lifetime, but there are certain fabrics that I just cannot touch. My children are still learning how to cope with their SPD (sensory processing disorder), though, so I am very diligent with making sure I help them in whatever way I can.

Is This Baby Carrier Sensory-Friendly?

In my babywearing years, and all the shopping around I've done, I have come across a problem. A very serious problem for me and my family! If I am shopping online, I cannot feel the carriers that I am considering purchasing!

Granted, I could go to a babywearing meeting where they have a lending library and test out what they have. The downfall is that those carriers are typically broken in already.

When I buy a new one, what is it going to feel like?

Will I be able to wrap immediately?

Can I handle the padding of this SSC rubbing on bare shoulders?

These are important questions for me, and so many others out there! So that leads me to a new series of posts and reviews regarding the sensory-friendly nature of baby carriers!

I have many in my collection (though I am always taking donations *wink*), so I will be doing posts on these first. But, I also regularly try out lenders or travelers, and I'd like to share with all of you how wonderful (or not so wonderful) they can be for those with SPD sensitivities!

My first post will feature one of my all-time favorite companies, Wrapsody Baby. I will discuss the Wrapsody Baby Breeze wrap. I have absolutely had a love/hate relationship with this wrap. Find out why in the next post!

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