Is It Sensory-Friendly: Wrapsody Baby Breeze

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

So as promised in my previous post, I am back to talk about one of my all-time FAVORITE companies and brands for baby carriers, Wrapsody Baby. Not only is the owner of this company an incredible woman, but she brings on marvelous people to help spread the Wrapsody "#loveinmotion" through brand ambassadorship and a fantastic community. I have been very fortunate over the past year and a half to be able to work with them as a brand ambassador. However, that isn't influencing my review about this wrap.

As for the carriers themselves... I fell in love with the stretch hybrid wraps over 8 years ago. They are wonderful and cozy--but that's for another review. When I became an ambassador, I knew I needed to learn more about the other products that Wrapsody had.

Is It Sensory-Friendly: Wrapsody Baby BreezeSo, another brand ambassador sent me one to borrow. I fell in love with it immediately. It definitely was a different fabric than the hybrids (the hybrids are like a jersey cotton while breeze's are cotton-gauze), but it was still incredible. Not really scratchy and it made me feel so secure when back carrying. I just adored it! So, I decided to buy one of my own.

I bought the Wrapsody Baby Breeze Hope colorway (the one pictured). I was so excited to get it and I stalked the mail for days. I opened the package and...not so much love.

I didn't realize that the one I was borrowing was so broken in until I had this new one. The cotton gauze material is definitely an acquired taste when you have sensory sensitivities.
As you can imagine, I was a bit bummed at the thought of not being able to use this. I did research. I talked to other owner's of the breeze wraps. I washed and dried it. Twice. Nothing I did made it softer like my other one.

Thankfully for you, I DID do all this work! I figured out the secret to breaking in these lovely wraps.

The breeze's take a bit of work to break in, as most cotton based wraps do. I don't mean you have to wrap with it every day (I sure didn't), although you could if you don't have a sensory aversion to it. What I ended up doing was giving it a wash and dry and then I let the kids play with it. My daughter (Miss Quirky) used it as a hammock. Miss Spunky would play around with it on the floor. After a bit of beating up and a couple wash and dry treatments, it was fantastic! Just like the borrowed wrap!

Is It Sensory-Friendly: Wrapsody Baby BreezeSo, to judge this wrap on whether it is sensory-friendly, I would say yes---but with some fine print. You DEFINITELY need to give it a beating or two, to work it into glorious sensory-satisfying submission. Then it will be one of the best wraps you have in your collection.

It is so thin, yet supportive like one of your thickest wovens! This makes it a perfect wrap for wearing in the heat. I wear my daughter in our breeze's in the heat of Florida and they are just fantastic! It is grippy, so it makes for a perfect back carry wrap, in my opinion. I know that once I put that wrap in place, it's not budging.

**Pro tip-- I've heard people say that because it is so thin, it is "diggy". Try spreading the shoulder passes out and then flipping them back over. This will evenly distribute that weight and sit nicely on your shoulders. No more digging.

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