Why I Breastfeed Everywhere

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I breastfeed. I've been doing it for almost 8 years straight (with a month or so break in between). I nurse while shopping, cooking dinner, while on walks, in the line at the DMV--wherever. All the time. Whenever my child needs to nurse.

I'm just doing that for attention...right?

I also take pictures. Selfies, to be specific. And every now and then, my husband will take some pictures of me while I'm nursing. I know--taboo! Photos where the skin on my breast is SHOWING! While a BABY is attached to me! Ugh!

I DEFINITELY must be doing that for attention--am I right?!!

No. I'm not. Believe it or not, I do not "flop out my boob" (as some have so eloquently put it) so as to draw attention to myself. I am not trying to grab your attention..or your husband's..or your kids...or the bagboy..or the DMV clerk. 

In fact, I would prefer if people weren't staring at me, in general. With or without baby attached. I would prefer if people minded their own world, as I am so successfully doing over here, and keep their looks to themselves. I would prefer if I could walk through places invisible. I genuinely do not want anyone staring at my breast. This is why I don't wear low-cut tops. Or push up bras. Or anything else that makes my breasts give a huge "HELLO!" to you, as you pass by.

I am simply breastfeeding to feed/comfort/nurture my child.

I am simply taking photos, so I have physical memories of this time in our journey together.

I simply post them on social media, so as to make more nursing mothers comfortable, as the many morons out there try to make them feel bad.

It has absolutely nothing--and I mean nothing to do with me having a desire for you to stare. Honestly, those of you who think I care that much about your opinion on what my body looks like......ya might wanna get that checked out..

Why I breastfeed everywhere


-A ticked off Geeky Ginger-


  1. LOOOOOOVE this, omg!!!
    Mama, I CANNOT even imagine 8 years straight...oi. I'm still nursing my 19 month old, and sometimes I just feel done, haha! People who think that I nurse my son in the same place they are, for the sole reason of seeking their attention, really should be checked for a narcissistic disorder. It's creepy, ha! Thanks for sharing! <3

    1. Oh, I've had those days. Nursing is hard work. Emotionally, mentally, physically.. For people to think that (the majority of us) are doing it for any sort of attention is just so far from the truth.
      It has been a long time, but it feels like a minute 💜 I love being able to do this for my kids.😊 Keep up your hard work! ❤


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