Special Needs: What It Is To Me

Thursday, December 15, 2016

In society today, people are uncomfortable with being labeled. My inner psychologist  has always wondered why that is--but I'll leave that for another time. What I would like to know is, why is having a "special need" a scary thing? Why is it so off-putting?

Special Needs: What It Is To Me

I know of many individuals who will not get themselves or their children assessed, simply because they don't want a label. But why is that? Why is there such a stigma with being labeled as having "special needs"?

How Special Needs Has Affected Me 

For me, the idea of having some sort of "special need" was affiliated with this idea that something was significantly wrong with you. You needed different kinds of classes, people stared, the whole nine.

I always tried to hide that I was different, whether it be the way I counted everything or just the way that I would respond to people. Either way, I didn't want people to see how and who I was. But, I think, that was because I didn't understand how and who I was.

People are scared of things that are different or unusual. They are scared of the unknown. So I say, let's make it known! Let's talk about what "special needs" is to you.  

Special Needs: What It Is To Me

Special Needs To Me Is....  

Picking up my little one outside, so her bare feet don't touch the grass. 

Making sure I take the extra time to read the Disney schedule, so I know when fireworks are going to go off.

Letting my littlest have her "moment", as she lays on the floor of Target, because someone tried to talk to her.

Giving my oldest enough warning that her play time is going to end soon, so as to not cause an upset.

Learning to agree that, yes, macaroni & cheese is a food group. Because they will eat it. Every time.

Knowing that when they say no, they mean no. Don't try to persuade. Don't pester. Don't expect a yes.

Remembering to bring sunglasses, noise-reducing headphones, and a cushy wrap---just in case they need to block the world away.

 Understanding that her pants getting wet, even a drop, absolutely is worth the tears and possibly a shopping trip to buy new pants while we're out (remember extra pants next time).

 Knowing to never make your child feel weird for being different. They're wonderful. Every "weird" little part of them.

Accepting that, sometimes, your big girl needs to be worn. And that's okay.

Realizing that you have the most wonderful, frustrating, agonizingly cute, stress-inducing, beautiful children.

Special Needs: What It Is To MeDo Not Fear The Unknown

So, for once, let's not worry about those labels. Let's remember that labels give us directions. They give us ingredients. They instruct us on how to operate things. They are useful. 

Let's stop being scared of what we think is the unknown, and start learning about these other world's. 

Let's openly share these world's with others!

What is special needs to you? I'd love to know!


  1. My son is 2e ASD+gifted, and I don't really think of him as special needs at all. He's just himself, and yes he's a little different, but we're so used to him that it all feels normal.

    1. Understandable :) I never felt like my older daughter had any special needs, nor have I felt like I do. But since my littlest is highly sensitive to so many things, it has become more and more real how much more attention she needs :)

  2. Awesome post. Thank you so much. I don't have special needs children but I have taught special needs children and they are precious, just like every child. I love that you embrace the idea of labels for the right reasons.
    I have a friend who has a son that is Autistic and I absolutely love this young man. He is warm and loving and has amazing skills which has made me appreciate all of our children even more. Thanks again.

  3. I am a mom with a special need child. For me special need just means that sometimes you have to adapt things or activity according to your child special characteristics. I do not labeled my child has having special needs in everyday life.

  4. This is awesome. My son has a speech delay so we have been going through early intervention and special education and it has made me so much more aware of special needs children and their family. Its amazing to see such love and dedication in these special families. Great job Mama!


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