Joovy Is The Next Brand You Need

Thursday, December 14, 2017

*Sponsored Post: I have been gifted a product to give my honest opinion about. At A Geeky Ginger, I only share products that I fully support. All opinions are mine and are not coerced by any form of payment.

Have you ever found a baby/toddler/child product that you just adored everything about? It's tough, right? We, as mothers, are constantly looking for the right thing for our family. And not every brand and product is right for each of us! So it is so difficult to find a brand with a line of products that you can truly fall in love with.

Well, I am coming to you to say.. I have found an awesome brand. I love so many of this brand's products! However, what I am coming to boast about right now are their strollers!
Joovy Is The Next Brand You Need

I am a babywearing mama at heart. I love to wear. I absolutely love it. For so many reasons. But, I am also a mama who gets worn out quickly and has health issues. I am a mama with fibromyalgia and spinal damage, and wearing my big 'ole toddler just isn't always possible.

Yay for me--I found Joovy. They have strollers, and high chairs, and playards, and toys, and sippy cups and so many things!! Not only do they have strollers, but they have singles, doubles, triples, frame strollers, jogging strollers, accessories.. they come big and compact. They have such an incredible stock and variety, it's hard to even choose what you're going to love the most!

Joovy Is The Next Brand You Need

I have tried so many kinds of strollers. So many brands. Graco, Chicco, Baby Trend, City Mini, and the list goes on. Especially in the last few years. I have tried out singles, doubles, and jogging variations of these brands. I've never been super in love with any of them. They were just..a means to an end, in my opinion. Nothing too exciting for me.

But my Joovy's? Oh my goodness.. My Joovy's are lovely. They are smooth and fold easily and just glide along with comfort. They have plenty of cushioning for the littles. They are just so cool.

I currently have two different types of Joovy strollers. I have the Zoom 360 Ultralight, which I acquired for myself back in July of this year. Then Joovy (being the awesome company they are) gifted me a really cool Caboose Too Ultralight. I was so excited when I got this stroller and couldn't wait to take it for a spin (literally.. this is one of the ways I test strollers).

Joovy Is The Next Brand You Need

I must say, this stroller impressed me right away. It has some great adjustments, so as to make the kiddos more comfortable and they are easily done. You can recline the seats back with your little one sleeping, without waking them (big plus for me!). I love that this stroller can be a full double seater, but also a sit and stand. Whether I have my daughter & my niece/nephew, or I just have my daughter, it is functional for all situations. I can easily put a cooler on the back bench seat when we're at Disney, and be on my way!

Joovy Is The Next Brand You NeedThis stroller glides so easily and doesn't feel like you're pushing around a boat. I won't name the company, but I have had that complaint with a previous double stroller I had. I was constantly hitting things and just couldn't get a firm hold of the steering. It was anxiety producing. But not with this stroller! It is completely user friendly! Which is great for me, because I really don't want a stroller giving me issues.. I'll quit them. I swear I will.

(Just kidding. I need them. And I love you)

Anyways-- My point that I'm making here is that Joovy has been a real blessing for me. These strollers have saved me in so many situations. Especially as of lately, with my shoulder being injured. I can't currently wear my daughter and absolutely need a good stroller to take the brunt of the work! Fortunate for me, Joovy is there to pick up the slack. Thanks, guys!

With it's ease of use, sturdy build, lightweight framing, and cushy seats, you can't go wrong with one of these strollers! Head to any of the many links in this post to check them out and (hopefully) get yourself one!

They're too good to pass up. Seriously.

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