My Opinion Matters: Why You Should Pay A Blogger

Thursday, January 25, 2018

It seems like such a cheap topic to write about, right?

I mean, I'm basically reaching out to the world, telling you that I'm important and you need to pay me for that. How tasteless! 

Or is it?

The fact of the matter is, my opinion matters. Your opinion matters. Our opinions may not matter to everyone who hears them, and a lot of people may specifically choose to not hear them, but, to some, our opinions matter a lot.

My Opinion Matteres: Why You Should Pay A Blogger

Allow me to let you in on a little secret. In the mom world, blogger opinions matter a lot.

I know this, because I am a mom.

  • I am in the mom groups.
  • I have asked all the mom questions. 
  • I have looked for all the mom advice, tips, tricks, support, etc. 
  • I have sought out the opinions of other moms with more experience in something, to help me choose the best product/food/trip/etc,. to make my mom life better.
We do this. Often. 

Mothers women, do this with just about everything. We seek the opinions of other women. How do you think magazines like Cosmo have gotten so popular? That magazine is based on women telling other women how to live, shop, put on make-up, have sex..everything, based on their mere opinions!

How fabulous is that?!

And yet, I experience and see constantly, brands seeking our opinions and marketing skills for free! Even worse, I see bloggers, really good bloggers, working for free.

People! This is our work. This is our job.

Whether it's full-time, part-time, seasonal, freelance, boredom, kids-are-asleep-so-I'll-do-this-I-guess-work, it is still work. And I don't know about you, but I was raised to never work for free. If I am working, I am being compensated. Whether that is monetarily or I am receiving a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart for working at a good cause, I still am paid!

My Opinion Matteres: Why You Should Pay A Blogger
It is unfortunate that we bloggers are not taken seriously for our hard work, for the numbers we put out, or for the hours we put in. For the time, effort, and yes, even money, that we have put into even gaining a following on social media!

Our websites are not free. Our graphics aren't always free. Our logos aren't free. Our time, certainly, is not free. If I were not working, I would be spending time with my children or, even better, sleeping!

But no, I am up at 10:55 p.m. writing this to you so you can understand an ounce of what we are worth and the effort we put into this 'hobby,' as it is so often called.

Just last year, "Content Marketing Institute reports that blogs are still the number one content type that is perceived to be important for B2B marketers in 2017" Rhiza Oyos, Spiralytics

How much moreso do you think that applies now?
We are efficient. We do our jobs. We want to work with you, and don't see it as a burden. And from what I have seen, bloggers tend to go above and beyond for their sponsored posts. Help us help you in your career goals, while also supporting us in ours. It's just good business.

The bottom line is: we are doing real work. We are putting real resources into this, and shouldn't be expected to work for nothing. The sooner everyone realizes this, the better. 
My Opinion Matteres: Why You Should Pay A Blogger

Have you had any experience with a brand that didn't wish to compensate?

Are you a brand that has had bad experiences with bloggers?

Feel free to share below!


  1. I think most people have no idea how much work goes into blogging. I do it mainly because I love it, but it takes a lot of time, effort, and yes work. You are so right about that!

    1. It really does. And it's fine if someone is just blogging for a hobby. Or maybe they would like to receive some free items here and there in exchange for their opinion. But it's so important to not *assume* that people aren't doing it for a living lol

  2. Love this and 100% agree with it all!

  3. I'm not yet at this level of blogging, but I'm hoping to be! Glad to hear support like this!

  4. Other people would really love to write and sometimes they share their ideas and experience through blogging and others express their feelings.


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