How To Babywear At Walt Disney World In The Summer

Saturday, July 28, 2018

We are well into summer time (given it's the end of July), but if you know Florida, you know we are dealing with summer temperatures for a couple more months. And then we will have sort-of-summer-sort-of-fall temperatures. Either way, it will be warm. And humid.

How To Babywear At Walt Disney World In The Summer

So, if you're planning on visiting Walt Disney World, how are you possibly going to babywear while you're in this summer heat? Is it even possible?

I'm here to tell you that, yes, you can babywear at Walt Disney World in the summer. Comfortably, even! Here is how:

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How To Babywear At Walt Disney World In The Summer Have The Right Baby Carrier

I'm a picky person with baby carriers, simply for the sensory-friendliness of them. BUT when it comes to wearing in summer heat, I am definitely specific about this. You're going to want something that is thin and/or breathable. Even a carrier that can get wet without concern (cuz ya know you're gonna sweat)! So, here are my go-to's...

If you're looking for a wrap, a Wrapsody Baby Breeze is absolutely the way to go! This lovely wrap is a cotton/linen blend and it is SO thin. Ridiculously thing. Freakishly thin, guys. But even tho it is so thin and breathable, it's totally toddler worthy (and yes, chunky baby worthy). It is the thinnest woven wrap I have ever worn. I've done hot summer days, wearing my breastfeeding baby all day, whilst at Walt Disney World. This wrap is legit. If you need a wrap for Disney, get the Wrapsody Breeze. Kid you not.

How To Babywear At Walt Disney World In The SummerIf you are looking for a SSC (soft structured carrier), you really can't go wrong with a Kinderpack. Specifically, the Kinderpack with koolnit. Granted, I have tandem worn 2 toddlers in Kinderpacks (one with koolnit and one that was full panel) in the middle of June at Magic Kingdom with no problem, BUT a lot of people prefer to have the koolnit for the airflow. I get it. If you want the SSC, go with the koolnit Kinderpack. The mesh panel and the mesh hood will be amazing for you. PLUS you can totally roll that sucker up and wear it like a fanny pack whenever you get sick of wearing the kiddo. Like.. how convenient, am I right? Also, if you use that link above, you get a discount on one... so.. I mean..... do it. *smirk*

How To Babywear At Walt Disney World In The SummerNow, an awesome favorite of mine that I think is horribly overlooked, is the Onbuhimo. The lack of waistband is BEAUTIFUL for a hot summer day at Disney. Who wants all that back sweat? And front sweat? And side sweat? In fact, if you profusely sweat, just go ahead and get yourself an Onbuhimo. And while you're at it, get the Mer Buckle Onbuhimo that Naked Panda Designs offers! It is a super comfy, supportive, soft, FREAKING WATER CARRIER that is beautiful and amazing and you should own one. You can sweat all day in that, and you're good. Also, you can hit one of the little splash areas at Disney (like in Epcot) and cool you and your babe off while still wearing! I know.. it's incredible. Check it out.

Be Prepared

You can have the most breathable carriers, water wicking clothes, and 500 bottles of water to stay hydrated... but there is nothing like some extra help on one of these SUPER hot summer Florida days at Disney. So some items that I absolutely demand you have are these....

The Enduracool Towel is a must-have. I have tried several of these cooling towels out there, and this one is by far my favorite. We've been using the same ones for 2 years now, and I still am amazing by them. They absolutely will help keep you from overheating. I like to place it in between me and baby (if they're on the front of me) on our chests, to keep our temps down. I've also put it on the back of baby's neck right at the base of her skull, to help regulate her body temp. Our bodies are absolutely incredible, in that they can sense when baby is overheating, and it will drop our temp a degree or two to help. BUT in hot Florida summer, ya gotta have some help. These are definitely amazing.

 Also, fans. Fans, guys. Use them. One that I really love is this battery operated fan. It's rechargeable and pretty high powered. I hook these right onto the shoulder of whatever carrier I have on, and have it face baby (and me if I need it). They're pretty great. Also, if you're pushing a stroller but are still wearing baby, you can hook this onto the stroller and have it face you two. Recharge them overnight and you get some good usage out of them during the day. This handheld fan is pretty amazing, too, if you don't mind just holding it. High powered and rechargeable! Definitely bring a fan or two if you're here in the dead-set of summer. You'll need it.

Know Your Limits

So, it feels kind of silly for me to even say this, but having worked at Walt Disney World and all the stories I've heard.. I want to make it clear. not try to keep going. Find somewhere cool to recharge yourselves, and start again.
Know. Your. Limits. If you start feeling too hot, take the baby off. If your child seems like they're getting too hot, take them off. Do

The humidity in Florida makes the heat much, much worse. So even if you think "Yeah, we get 85 degree days here, we'll be fine", it doesn't matter. It is hotter in Florida. You absolutely can safely, successfully babywear at Disney in the summer. But you absolutely must pay attention to your limits. If you need to leave a line you're in to go cool off, let a cast member know and see if they can help in some way (like saving your place). They understand that heat exhaustion exists and is not safe. So please, please take heed and don't push yourself.

Anyway, that's my advice. I've been going to Walt Disney World my entire life and have been babywearing at it for 10 years now. We have yet to have any bad heat exhaustion moments and have successfully worn on just about every single trip in the past (almost) 4 years of going with my youngest! I hope this helps!

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Do you babywear or plan to babywear at Walt Disney World? What are your concerns? Post in the comments!

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