What Does MommyCon Orlando Have To Offer?

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

MommyCon Orlando is upon us (well, in like 17 days) and I'm SO EXCITED! I've been going to MommyCon a couple of years now, and I really love it. It's a great place to be educated, to grow as a parent, and to snag some awesome stuff!
What Does MommyCon Orlando Have To Offer?
So, what is MommyCon?

MommyCon is a convention, so to speak, that celebrates natural parenting and is dedicated creating and growing a community of parents. It is for parents in all stages, whether that is the parent-to-be or a more well-seasoned one. The overall goal is to gently educate parents on all the natural ways they can parent. Breastfeeding, natural birthing, babywearing, co-sleeping/bedsharing, eco-friendly living, etc. There's also so much information for women in female self-care and wellness!

What Does MommyCon Orlando Have To Offer?

There are so many things to see and do. The sessions they've provided are informative and comforting. I, personally, would love to go to the one about special needs mealtime solutions! I also love anything to do with babywearing, so all those sessions look pretty amazing.

So what is there to see, besides the sessions?

WELL there is a whole huge list of exhibitors! Teknhi Wovens, Chunkabuns, Kindercarry, Naked Panda, Grovia, Motherlove, Safari Ltd and so much more!!!

What Does MommyCon Orlando Have To Offer?I, personally, am over-the-moon about Kindercarry joining, as they haven't before. I'll be working at their booth (so come see me). But there are just so many fabulous brands to check out, and you really should. There are usually amazing sales that you can snag while you're there, too.

There will also be a fabulous babywearing library where you can try on different carriers to find the best one for you!

So when is this amazing event, you ask? It's September 1st at the Caribe Royale Convention Center! The event begins at 9:00am, so get there early if you wanna snag some awesome stuff!

What Does MommyCon Orlando Have To Offer?

MommyCon, to me, is an incredible learning space for not only you, but also your spouse (yes, I mean husband's are welcome).

MommyCon Orlando is definitely one of the highlights of the year. And if you have the chance to attend, you definitely should! So, where do I come in, in all of this? WELL, first off, I have a discount code! You can receive 10% off of your ticket(s) with code "GEEKYGINGER18" here.

ALSO... I have a giveaway for 2 General Admission tickets to MommyCon Orlando!! That giveaway (and all it's details) can be found over on my Facebook page.

Have you ever attended a MommyCon convention? What was your favorite part? Share in the comments!

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