How To Enjoy Traveling With A Family

Monday, October 22, 2018

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I know for so many people, including myself at times, the idea of traveling with a family seems like a daunting task. So many people to consider, the threat of meltdowns, and all the stuff you've gotta pack! It seems like only a special kind of person can handle that sort of chaos, right?! I have definitely felt this way, at times. There is a lot you have to take into consideration and plan around, and that can feel overwhelming. But, no worries, my friends! It can be done!

How To Enjoy Traveling With A Family

After traveling around with my family so often over the past few years, I can say with certainty, that traveling with a family can be done with great success! Below are just a few of the things that I like to consider and plan around when I am traveling with my family.

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Choose The Best Town To Travel To

The first step to travel is to choose a place, right? Since I always travel with a family, I definitely seek out areas where I can find an ample amount of activities that will not only entertain myself, but also entertain my children. You can even do a google search of family friendly towns to help you along with this! Also, check out people like D. Scott Carruthers for help with finding fantastic places for your family to travel to!

How To Enjoy Traveling With A Family
Mice On Main in Greenville, SC

Find Places To Explore With D. Scott Carruthers


Of course, after doing such a search, you want to find worthwhile activities to participate in. Consider the time of year you're going.. maybe there is a festival happening somewhere around you? I also like to look for science museums and children museums, as those can be enjoyed for hours. A plus for me is finding an activity that is specific to the area, so we can experience a special aspect of the town we're visiting, like seeing the Mice on Main Street in Greenville, SC or the Water Taxi in Baltimore, MD. D. Scott Carruthers has some fantastic suggestions for must-see travel spots and activities, as well!

Also, and this is important, are there any good parks or playgrounds nearby? At some point, my kids are going to ask for that, so I may as well get it figured out before they do.

Seek Out Family Friendly Lodging


For me, the last thing I look to consider is our lodging. Is it "kid-friendly", in that I don't have to worry constantly about my toddler breaking something? Is there enough space for everyone? Is there childcare, in case my husband and I wish to go out? What kind of breakfast do they serve? Are there any special kid activities? Is there a restaurant close by, that we can enjoy together? I only want to stay in the best kind of places when I am traveling with my family, and I'm sure you do, too!

Of course, there are specific things your family may need or want, and the same goes for mine. But these couple of tips can really make a big difference when you are considering traveling with a family in tow! While traveling with your family can be more hectic than going at it alone, it can also be such a rewarding experience with lifelong memories made.... I recommend doing it as often as you can!

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