5 Reasons Why You Need To Babywear At Disney

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

For me, babywearing and Disney is a given. I don't even think about it. When we get out of the car, I grab a carrier and we head up to the park. Back when I first started taking Miss Quirky (10 yr old) to the parks, she was a baby and I didn't bring any carrier. I brought my stroller and that was it. The stroller worked fine when she actually wanted to be in it, but that never lasted long. Unfortunately, kids don't typically want to be in a stroller while everyone else gets to explore Disney... go figure, right?

Curly red haired woman standing in front of green bushes,wearing a black sweater and sunglasses. She's babywearing her sleeping toddler in a soft structured carrier, a Kinderpack, that is purple, pink, and blue.

So many people, though, believe that babywearing at Disney is going to be a hassle. It will be too hot or too uncomfortable or exhausting or whatever other reason. I'm telling you, it's none of those things, and it's necessary. Here's why...

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Babywearing Stops Meltdowns

You know it, I know it, and the people around you hearing the child calm down in the carrier will know it. It's not even just that it stops the meltdowns, but it prevents them. Over-stimulation is a thing, and unless you're keeping the child in a stroller with the shade pulled all the way down, you're not going to stop them from getting over-stimulated in there. Not entirely. The closeness that babywearing gives, can help center your child and keep them calm, so they can keep up with all the Disney madness.

Babywearing Prevents Illness

Now, I'm not saying you can avoid all illnesses and germs by putting them in a carrier. But, I mean, you can prevent a lot of it. I've talked about this before, but going to Walt Disney World with a child who has an autoimmune disorder can be seriously threatening if you're not properly prepared. Babywearing has literally saved my daughter from people coughing/sneezing/etc, because I can keep her on my back and as far away from people as possible. I also can move quickly through a crowd, so as to avoid as much contact with others as I can. Not to mention the fact that I'm keeping her from touching everything. There's just not enough sanitizer in the world to make up for some of the gross things these kids touch.....

Babywearing Promotes Breastfeeding

Curly red haired woman, looking at the camera, wearing a black sweater and babywearing her sleeping toddler on her back. The carrier is purple with pink and blue.
Or bottle feeding. Either way. Breastfeeding is just what I can relate to.. But whichever way you are feeding your child, it is much easier if they are up in a carrier, than having to take a break somewhere and try to calmly feed them there. I've been to Disney with friends who went to the nursing room at the front of the park, each time the baby wanted to nurse. That would drive me nuts if I had to take those breaks constantly. NOPE! Not for me. I'm whipping out the boob wherever, whenever, and that baby is getting milk so I can stand over here eating my churro while she naps...

Curly red haired woman, with her back to the camera, is babywearing her toddler on her back in a purple, blue, and pink soft structured carrier. Babywearing Makes Sleeping Easy

Speaking of naps. Have you tried letting the little one sleep in a stroller at Disney? Like, a good nap? The kind of nap that will stop the restlessness and reset their brains, so you can stop wanting to cry and go home? Rare is it that either of my kids have napped that well in a stroller. At Disney. With random fireworks. But you put one up in a carrier, and that kid is out. Throw some noise-reducing headphones on, and we're in business! That babe is sleeping like we are not surrounded by aggressive, sweaty, sickly, annoying humans!

Babywearing Is Necessary At Disney

I'm not saying strollers aren't great. I'm really not. We love to bring ours for holding all of our stuff, my Starbucks drinks, and carrying the toddler around when I'm done being the dairy cow for a bit. But babywearing is so essential when you are in a setting like this. Over-stimulation, threat of child running off, germs, needed naps, etc..etc.... There are too many reasons to babywear, and not enough to not babywear at Disney.

If you are looking into a great carrier for using at Disney, check out Kinderpack. They are my go-to for Disney trips, due to their ease of use, comfortability, koolnit options, and compact folding!

Curly red haired woman, with her back to the camera, is babywearing her toddler on her back in a purple, blue, and pink soft structured carrier. The mother and toddler are pointing to the Monorail system at Magic Kingdom. Caption reads "5 Reasons Why You need To Babywear At Disney"

Do you babywear at Disney? If not, what's holding you back? Share in the comments!


  1. I've never thought about all of these things as good reason's to wear baby carriers. But, when I think about, the baby carrier is a great way to protect your baby from the elements. I wish I would have know this when my son was smaller. Thank you!


  2. This makes so much sense. I haven't been to Disney in forever. But I remember the traffic jam of strollers. Babywearing seems great for so many reasons. And it also probably helps you be more mobile which is better for the whole family.

  3. Great post...I would add that babywearing makes shopping SO MUCH EASIER. Not just at crowded Disney gift stores and food places, but really anywhere. I still wear my 3 year old at the zoo, because it's crowded and I can just fly through crowds, but the main reason is so she's not grabbing everything. Shopping while babywearing saves sanity! ;)

  4. Babywearing really promotes bottle feeding..It save times and even the baby enjoyed it! The Moby Wrap Evolution looks so cool...Thanks for the share!

  5. Im not a mom but the post has convinced me so well why babywear is good if you are going out with a baby. I dont know how a mother wont be able to see the benefits. Really well explained xoxo


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