Relay Go Is The Best Communication Device You Need For Your Kids

Friday, September 13, 2019

*This post is sponsored by Relay, however all opinions are my own. Read Disclaimer here.
If you're getting close to the point of needing a mobile device for your child OR you're already there, you know the struggle we all go through... "What do I get them?". With so many electronic devices out there, and the very real need to keep in contact with your kids, it can feel overwhelming to set out on this hunt for the best device! Well, look no further, as I have got the device for you right here..

A group of succelents with a blue Relay Go device sitting amongst the succulents.

The Relay Go is everything you could ask for and more! A way to keep screen time down, and move safety and functionality up on your list of priorities (right where it belongs)!

So, what exactly does the Relay Go offer? Let me tell you a little bit about it...

Before I go into all of the amazing details about this product, let me just share with you that they are having an INCREDIBLE Back to School sale going on right now! It ends on Saturday, September 14 at 11:59pm EST -- They have Relay Go's for 40% off and free 2-day shipping! Keep this in mind while you read about all of the awesome-ness that IS Relay.


  • Screen-free device (no more worrying about unwanted sites/apps/people)
  • GPS tracking included
  • SOS emergency alerts to others on the account
  • Geofencing (coming soon!!) so you can set up a radius around several locations and receive app alerts when the Relay enters or exits that area

Easy Communication

  • One button push-to-walk (like a walkie-talkie) BUT with 4G LTE range and it works over WiFi
  • Free app that works on both Android and iPhone
  • Direct & Group Chats, so they can talk with just a friend, or have a channel with Mom & Dad!
  • Missed message feature, that allows them to listen to that to-do list you have for them once they get home from school ;)

A blue Relay Go device with a cat sticker on the middle buttonKid-First Design

  • Made for play & drops with it's rugged design (seriously, it's tough)
  • Water resistant (great for when baby sister gets drool on it...)
  • Single button for ease of use and connection!
  • Easy-to-carry accessory options, such as a Loop Case with lanyard, clip, or an Armband to wear on their arm or wrist!

There are also really cool features like being able to add music, a translator, the Relay Assistant that helps them toggle between channels and such, and even a daily joke that can be delivered to the Relay every day (my daughter loves this feature).

With so many incredible features, how can you not love the Relay Go!? As a homeschooling mom of special needs kids, this device has been an incredible gift to our lives. Knowing where my daughter is at and how she's doing, whenever she's out with her friends or even with her aunt, is a fantastic relief!

Remember that amazing Back to School sale is happening just through Saturday. Head to this link to get yours now!

Blond haired white girl standing in front of a Buzz Lightyear topiary holding a blue Relay Go device


  1. My son has been asking for a phone, but I don't think we are ready for one. This looks like a great alternative!

  2. When I taught, I thought these kinds of devices were great! I love that they can communicate if needed, but they can't get lost playing with all the apps and stuff.

  3. I wonder, why are such things not popular in European countries? It is obviously clear that it has a lot of benefits in using. Am I right?


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