30 Days To Becoming A Better Special Needs Parent

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

I've been parenting for many a moon (almost 12 years), and most of the time, I feel like I've got it down. Sometimes, I feel like I could be doing better. I believe that comes with the territory of being a parent. However, special needs parenting is something... different.

Three photos of a family of four, hugging, kissing, and smiling together.
Photography by Ashley Bickerstaff Photography

Not only do we deal with your typical daily battles of parenting, but you deal with ones that nobody ever thinks they're going to deal with, like a child who cannot wear certain types of clothing.

What a fun experience that is, when you buy the wrong clothing.

Special Needs Parenting allows for so many opportunities to shape our way of thinking. Whether that be, our previous pre-conceived notions of what a "good" parent looks like, or even the mindset we carry regarding our child's behavior.

I am not a perfect mother, by any means, but I have learned a thing or two over the years. As a Special Needs Mom/Homeschooling Mom/Stay At Home Mom, I am kind of with my kids a lot *laugh*. When you're with your kids THIS much, you've got to learn how to co-exist with them in the best way possible.. for your sanity and theirs. So, what better to do with my time, than to figure out how to be the best kind of parent I can be to them? Or, at least, I can try..

There are so many small and big things that we can do, as parents, to be better. Maybe not the best ever. Maybe not even the best in your life. Heck, maybe not the best today! But, definitely, we can work to be a better special needs parent.

A curly, red-headed mother holding her curly, blond-haired toddler, while hugging her older blonde-haired daughter.
Photography by Ashley Bickerstaff Photography

So, here I am, ready to share some lessons I have learned in this series: 30 Days To Becoming A Better Special Needs Parent.

Some of the topics you'll see over the next 30 days are as follows:

  • You Are Not Alone
  • Keep Your Sense Of Humor (You'll Need It)
  • Stop Comparing Your Life To One You Don't Have
  • Seek Second Opinions Without Hesitation
  • Pushing Boundaries Should Be Child-Led
  • Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

There are so many to explore, and I'm SO excited to share them -- because there are few things in life, as important as being a good parent.. for us, for our children, for future generations.

As I stated previously, I am not a perfect parent. So, as I write these and reflect on their meaning, they will also be things that I am working on doing better. Because reforming our personalities should never stop. I'm glad to be going on this journey with all of you, and I hope you'll share your experiences, good and bad, along with me!

Let me know what topic you're looking forward to out of the ones listed above!

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