Celebrate The Small Things With Your Special Needs Children

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Having a child with special needs, as you know, comes with a lot of challenges. Daily, monthly, yearly.. Through life, in general. Each phase of their ever-changing minds will have a challenge of it's own. So, it's important to take a step back, and enjoy the small things that bring them, and you, joy.

To celebrate the small things.

Two girls, an older and a little, looking at the camera while sitting at a high top table.

I think it's worth it to really take a look into what that means and why it is so beneficial to do so. Because if we aren't celebrating the small things, then how are we getting through the day?

On an average day, my 5 year old Autistic child, probably has a mix of 5-9 meltdowns/tantrums. We've experienced less and we've experienced more. It's a lot to handle, not just for you, but for them. Imagine, feeling so overcome with emotion that you literally break out in tears/screaming/flailing 5 times a day... That's a lot to handle.

So, when there are good moments; when there are good feelings, we want to make sure we make a big deal out of it. We want to celebrate it.

Say, your child normally struggles with verbalizing their requests.. maybe they tend to just snatch things they want or point and make a noise, and you just noticed that they verbally requested the item, instead. CELEBRATE IT! Make a big deal! Let them know how great it was for them to do that, and how much you enjoyed it!

By doing so, you will not only praise a desired behavior, but you'll just remind them that you are watching. You are paying attention. You are appreciating their hard work (because it is hard work to go against our natural inclinations or habits).

Doing this will make you feel good. It will make them feel good.

A red haired mom wearing black sunglasses with her curly brown haired toddler.

As you put for the effort to be more present-minded, and focus on those happy moments, you will find your burdens a little lighter. You'll find that the days are a little less stress-filled.

You will find happier children.

Celebrate all of the small things throughout your day, and feel like a better parent.

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