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A Little About Me: 

Lee Palmer is a Special Needs, Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Attachment Parenting, Homeschooling, Travel-Loving Mama, who works to inspire and support women and men to thrive in their roles down this Parenthood Journey.

A born and raised Floridian, Lee became a mother at a young age, and knew exactly what she needed to do to be the best mother she could be --- She needed to be her best self. Her love for her daughter and her upbringing, moved her to do just that.

Years of being a single mother truly taught her how to rely upon her mind body to fulfill all the needs of her child, and it made her realize how important it is to be present in a child's life, no matter what. So despite personal struggles, her daughter's special needs, work, pursuing a college degree and career, she persevered and thrived! Just she and her daughter. Until she met her now husband, Joe.

They got married in 2013, and soon welcomed another lovely daughter a year later. Lee decided that she needed to be more than everything. She needed to be a Mommy. So she decided to quit the pursuit of her career in the Entertainment Design & Technology field and focus on being a present, thriving, stay at home mom.

Several years later, here she is. Inspiring, teaching, and still actively working to be the best self possible for her two daugther's. Over the years, Lee has taught countless women to breastfeed, families how to babywear and practice attachment parenting and has grown a lovely community of people, with a reach up to 600,000 every year! She hopes to continue to grow her local and online community more and more, whilst keeping in line with her goals, always focusing on her family first.

Now, she travels as much as she can, constantly finding new and exciting ways to bring education and fun into her daughter's lives. She and her family love to go to Disney, take road trips, hike, go to museums, or just sit around the house watching movies while doing arts and crafts! A Geeky Ginger, stems from her lifelong love of just about all things geeky. She has successfully passed on her fandom-obsessive ways to her children, and they now share that joy together!

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